Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #3

1. Polaroid Vintage Camera

I have a vintage camera I bought on ebay almost 2 years ago, I just don't know where to get more film, so I can't use it anymore :(:(:( .. but this one with the rainbow in front.. omg.. i really would kill to have that! haha

2. Hello Kitty Bow

I did a DIY Hello Kitty Bow blog post! I loved this pic with the bow!! I wouldn't do the tattoo tho'! ;)

3. Hello Kitty Sewing Machine♡

I would loveee this machine! I even have the HK camera..

4. Chocolate wrappers from Japan♡

we <3 it

Seriously.. I would buy that kit-kat just for the wrapper! <3

5. Oh Snap Embroidery

Cute little embroidery by Elsie!! Love the drawings!!

Who is not influenced by Elsie ?? I mean, she's such a role model! :) I love what she does, and the fact that her life is her store and her art, its just amazing!! very inspirational!

This week went by SOOO fast.. yaaaay its weekend again, im happy!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!



  1. I'm in love with hello kitty too, I want that sewing machine even though I wouldn't know how to use it haha.

  2. hahahaah <3 I would use it , but I dont think its that good , I would buy it to use it for its cuteness! lol, I love HK way too much! ;)