Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My trips to Europe 2010

Last year I went to Europe TWICE! How cool is that? haha 

My first trip was to visit my boyfriend in Barcelona, Spain. I did a guest post over at Erin's blog (I will share it when she posts it). It was for a month an a half and It was awesome. When I came back, my parents were planning a trip to go to Europe for my brother's graduation. They weren't planning to take me with them because I just had a trip over there and because they wanted me to start working and settle down. Sort of last minute, I was invited, my parents changed their mind and hearts and took me with them. It was awesome, I have good memories and got to see my bf 1 more week! 

During my few weeks in Europe with my family, I took tons of pictures of graffiti drawings and stuff I liked and I will be showing them by city. We went to Madrid, Barcelona,  Sevilla, Florence, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Naples and Paris. My family went to London while I went to visit my bf in Barcelona. I couldn't go to London because of my visa, my family had all the visa papers for UK and it was more money and more time wasted on mine, so I missed out London, but.. who cared? I was gonna see my bf again! 

Me & My Family 


Anyway, I wanted to share my photos and adventures because guess what? I'm going again to Barcelona in less than a month! I am already packing and organizing stuff in my house, getting everything ready to move for 3 whole months. wow. 

So, my posts will be coming shortly!


  1. OH MY Goodness!! I'm super jealous. Enjoy your trip and take tons of photos for us all ;)