Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #22 ♡

Hey awesome readers! 

Today is Friday and I am feeling much better :) I've been sick all week .. if it was not my period it was a nasty flu I got and kept me weak for 3 days, so today I am great - feels so good being active and...well.. not sick... lol.. 

1. Super Mario World ♡ 

I am a retro-gamer all the way. It's been a while since I have played Mario, but yesterday I got out my control pc and dowloaded all nintendo and super nintendo games and played all night.. my favorite of them all is Mario, but I love Donkey Kong Country too!!! 

2. Cat VS Human ♡ 

Please, let this be my future home... (I'm secretly visualizing it.. lol) Missing my Unicorn tho' ;)

3. Greta Grita Barcelona ♡ 

Greta Grita is an artist from Barcelona, a FB friend. I love her work and style in every bag or creation. I would like to meet her someday! 

4. Anya Marina: Whatever you Like ♡ 

I can't get enough of this song

5. June Giveaway ♡ 

I am sponsoring Crafted Love this month, and today, my giveaway is open ! Go, Participate... good luck! You can win a mini denim pouch with my denim scraps !

Yesterday I got 100 followers on Instagram!! so cool :) Well, today, I've got 102 !

Have an awesome weekend! 
Peace & Love

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