Thursday, June 2, 2011

Giveaways and Snail Mail

I got a postcard message from two sisters I met at the Kills concert in NYC last month!!!! they are so awesome!!!! ^^ 

And I just got the price from Pixie Mama from this massive giveaway

I will be sending out 2 giveaway winners from Punk Projects and Pixie Mama!
Congrats to Aik and Amber!!

I got couple of penpal letters to write back and two trading partners- Zayda and Pixie Mama!!!! 

If you trade handmade or want to be my penpal, contact me! I love snail mail! ♡



  1. i discovered you blog via 'my girl thursday' and am happy to be a new follower on bloglovin'. super adorable!


  2. Congrats! You are one lucky duck!! :)

    Do you want to swap postcards with me?? I love snail mail, too - especially postcards? Would be nice...

    Here's to a happy weekend. XO.

  3. I love snail mail!!!!!

    I havent gotten any good mail here lately. Im a slacker I guess. Looking for new penpals and package swaps :)

  4. Hey Jinx, email me if you are interested in swaps or penpals! :)