Saturday, June 18, 2011

Falling in Light Photography

Today on my blog, I will show one of my best friend photography.. If you haven't seen Falling in Light blog, check it out.. she is one of my sponsors this month, She has been featured here through some posts! She is totally awesome - really sweet girl and very fun to be around with. I've known her since high school back home in Colombia, so pretty much we are very close and I LOVE that she is now blogging with me now! yaay! I pushed her into blogging and now she's more into it than me.. (or not, kinda the same ^^) She will always be on my #FF on twitter! :)

Check out her Links if you don't follow her, you should. You won't regret it!

So there was one summer vacation together in Cartagena (2008) where we had sooooo much fun taking pictures, and being silly as always! Here are the photos.. I always smile everytime I see these photos, such a great time together!! Plus, you get to see some random shots of our home sweet home- Cartagena, Colombia. 



You can check out her professional work on her blog where she posts photos every week  or on her Flickr.. these photos were just for fun.. totally random and awesome!!

Till next time! 

Zay, I love you! :)


  1. Me voy a poner a llorar!!!! Omg omg omg omg omg babyyyy divina te amoooo!!! awwww BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE RIGHT NOW. You're the best of the best!!! LOVE YOUUUU with all my heart :) que felicidad me da ver esas fotos, ojalá lo podamos repetir algún día. I love you!!!

  2. i love photos on solid coloured backgrounds like that - looks like that location was great for this type of thing! you are such a sweet friend lady!

  3. k lindas <3 ADM! palomas fushiiii hahaha esa foto d la escalera parece las paredes del morro en viejo san juan

  4. her blog is so cute! thanks for the link!


  5. Love this! Such fun photos!! :)

  6. Thank you guys for your lovely comments!!! It was fun to make this post :D