Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Music on Wednesday!!! ♡

I finished all gossip girl seasons actually last 2 season these past days, and I paid closed attention to the music on each episode.. I think that show's music is amazing, I found many new artists that I fell in love with.. 

here is one.. 

Scanners ♡

Season 3 episode 20 to be exact, the song was "Salvation"

so awesome.. seriously. check it out! ^^

I have the band on my Spotify account and I found out more cool songs!


  1. Yep!!! Toda la música es la verga!!! love youuu baby

  2. That's a cool song. :) I've found a lot of great music over the years on t.v. shows. One Tree Hill used to have quite a few cool independent bands (not as many in recent seasons). Also The O.C. and Grey's Anatomy both have great soundtracks. I've discovered a lot of artists that way. (Those albums are all in iTunes if you wanted to know more about the actual artists on those shows).