Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet my Sponsors pt2 ♡

1. Falling in Light ♡

Hi, I'm Zayda! I'm an aspiring photographer from Cartagena, Colombia, currently living in Southern Georgia. I love everything photography! I work full time, but in my time off I'm always taking pictures and trying to learn more and improve my skills. Besides photography, I love scrapbooking and crafting, listening to music, watching movies, reading and playing with my dog. You can read everything about me in my blog Falling In Light (link to blog) where I often ramble about photography, crafts, people I admire and just tons of random stuff!

2. Goose + Trisser ♡

Wife + mother + handmade biz owner + part time ad manager + full time friend.
Love the Lord, my adorable baby girl - Bird, my supportive Mister, list making, touchscreen electronics + anything that can be stitched.
Currently obsessed with: the color combo mustard + gray, Bird's curls, Sleigh Bells, weekly at-home manicures, new friends + afternoon dance parties
You can find my musings on this here blog, follow me by the tweet, or check out my collection of stitched treats in my little shop

The above = me in nutshell!

3. Just Jen♡

Hey everyone! I'm Jennifer, a 30-something creative type who loves blogging, reading, and crafting. I currently also have a boring day job, but that’s another story! For posts about movies I’ve seen, music I’ve listened to, books I’ve read, and other random little things that go on in my life, check out Just Jen

4. The Art of Staying up All Night ♡

I'm Andrea, film student, tea drinker, cool bookshop hunter, zine enthusiast, amateur photographer, avid reader and passionate mixtape maker. Currently based in Spain but constantly wishing I was somewhere else. I blog about the things that keep me awake at night and spend all my money in plane tickets. I occasionally make things and sell them on my etsy shop.

5. Elousions ♡

Hello Sweeties! I'm Miss Lou. A coffee addict who loves (is obsessed with) those toys called cameras. I have a little corner in the blogsphere called eLousions, where I share everything (fun things). I love thrifting, vintage, crafting, photography, and a couple of cute things I always forget to mention. I have inspirational Tuesday, Friday's love, Thrifty Saturdays are fun and the rest of the days I'll get you busy while sharing adorable [maybe not too adorable] stuff. 

6. Sebastian Murra: mu! ♡

I'm Sebastian Murra. Born and raised in Colombia and living in Barcelona for the last 5 years. I'm a graphic and motion designer entranced with the abstract. I believe the power of shapes and colour can change the world! 

Rock music is in my blood and a distorted guitar is the sweetest sound on earth.

"Ideas are illusions, make them real, change the world". mu!

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