Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things are different here - Miami VS Barcelona

I know I've been here in Barcelona for 2 weeks, but last year I stayed a whole month and a half, so I know what I am talking about.. living here is cool but somewhat different than what I am used to. 

P.S. I am not complaining, I love it here! ^^ 

Here are few things I listed as examples:

1. Driers

Here in Barcelona people hang their clothes and leave them to dry.

I am missing my little white drier from home, where I put my wet clothes inside and it dries for 1 hour and leaves my clothes smelling great and warm just to fold them and place them inside my closet! 

2. Cash instead of Debit Cards/Credit Cards

I never take out cash in Miami, I use my debit card EVERYWHERE I go.. its just so awesome and practical. Here in Barcelona few places accept cards and you need to carry out cash anywhere.. and the euro coins are so heavy and you always end up with a bunch of coins when you break a 5 or a 10. 

3. Air Conditioning 

Here in Barcelona, they have no clue about the air conditioning. Everywhere I go they have 1 little fan in a corner and that's it. I'm always dying of heat waves. What I've heard is that people here hate the air conditioning, they are always complaining when its on, so I guess they just never use it. 

*When I got here, I was at the airport waiting for my luggage and the heat inside the airport was so intense that I almost couldn't breathe..  

In Miami on the other hand, it can be so hot outside, but everywhere you go- to the mall, to work, to a restaurant, to a friend's house, inside your car (if you're lucky) there is air conditioning working and refreshing us from the heat outside. 

Thank god here in Barcelona its only 2 months of heat, rest is nice out because in Miami there's only 2 months of cold, the rest is heat out.. ouch!


Don't get me wrong, I LOVE BARCELONA but I've been living in Miami for 5 years, it's hard to get used to other things.. but not impossible! ;)


  1. here it's the same with the cash and debit cards. pretty much because everything is asian and they never accept cards (i've been told that's because that way they avoid taxes or smthing like that). but ... paying with cards is so much faster and easier! i've changed from carrying my wallet full of cards to a small coin-purse to carry all my coins and 1 card.

    dude, air-conditioning! can't live without it! stay strong!

  2. I'm from Barcelona and I think you're exaggerating a lot. We have air conditioning, credit cards and driers.
    Air conditioning is a huge waste of energy if not used properly, which I'm pretty sure Ameircans do not use properly and they just waste energy.
    Old european buildings used to have big walls and small windows so the tempreature inside was kind of cool in the summer (isolation)