Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Wishlist 2011

I am sharing my wishlist with you because I've wanted these items for awhile now :)

My new goal is to purchase these items by the end of the year 

or maybe get them as a gift? ^^ who knows! :D

1. Blythe Dolls 

I know, I know - It looks like I'm obsessed with these dolls.. and I also know they seem creepy but I can't help it. I WANT ONE so badly! :) 

I want to get one- and dress her like me and take tons of photos!!!! like this:

2. Gocco Printer 

This one will be hard- they are discontinued and I have no clue where to get one.. but I really really want one. If anyone knows, let me know.. I have seen on etsy and ebay-the price is way high :( 

What is a Gocco Printer? Is a screen printing system developed by a Japanese in 1977- click here to read more

Read this fun post on Elsie's Blog about her Gocco Printer

* note to self: I need to go to Japan, I think that's a better goal ;)

3. New Toy Cameras 

a. Holga Cat 


This cute little camera makes cat sound noises!!!!!!!!!!!! adorable! 

b. Instax Mini 

I want this camera sooo bad.. :) 
I am not sure what color to get.. I think white is too common now and I am liking the chocolate one very much! btw I found this one just now. I almost died:

c. White Rainbow Polaroid- 600 one step

4. Vintage Typewriter 

 so now you know what to get me ;)


  1. Looks like we have a very similar wish list. Too bad we love things that are so hard to find. :)

  2. most of the things you want would be on my wishlist. But the one thing I wasn't familiar with and now I'm totally in love is the gecco printer. Japanese things are the best, they have a lot of cute things like this that most people and countries don't know about!
    Good luck acquiring your items, I hope you can get them all! (;
    -Sandra Ponycat

  3. I've always wanted a Blythe doll too!!! And we have an Instax but it's not as little & adorable!! Jealous!
    Also, that picture of the rainbow wall of photos.. that is definitely going to have to happen in our house now. Thanks! :D

  4. i Want white rainbow polaroid too.. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  5. secretly....i want a blythe doll.

  6. I love my Instax mini and my rainbow Polaroid!

    ♥ sécia

  7. Lele, muchísimas gracias por la mención en tu blog :D
    Muchos saludos !!!

  8. * me faltaron dos "e" en tu nombre !!!