Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The August Break #3

#3 . Best Cupcakes ever tasted.. "Cup & Cake Barcelona" where they only serve you coffee and cupcakes.. and of course my coffee came with heart-shaped foam!! ♡ lovely 

Extra Note Mary Rebecca has just announced this new blogging series where you send a little info about you and your blog and she will put together all the information mailed so we can check out new blogs and bloggers that live close to you!!!! check it out and participate! 


  1. Thanks for the plug LeeLee!!!! <3

  2. Wonderful Lee Lee, I have a few friends doing the August break challenge. I love the dreamy coffee shot- now I can smell coffee.:)

  3. @Mary Rebecca: You're welcome! I really hope more people participate! :D

    @pangaloon: Are you doing it?? you should!!! :) the coffee was awesomeeeee too :D