Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Put it into Music week #5: SUNSHINE

Today in Andrea's Blog, the word is Sunshine! I'm not a big fan of the Sun, but yeah, they are lots of great songs about the sun.. I was thinking George Harrison ; Here comes the Sun.. but this one I chose is perfect for Summer times- to have few beers and just relax  and be happy !! ^^ 

side note: I really think I need some vacation time!

Weezer: Island in the Sun


  1. Ah, I haven't listened to this Weezer song in ages... It's so beautiful, I like it a lot! Thanks for reminding me again!

    Here's to a happy rest week, friend. XOXO.

  2. YEaaH! thank you my friend!!! same to you!!
    Weezer is an awesome band <3 have a great week!