Thursday, July 21, 2011

Movies I've seen lately..

I've been watching lots of great movies lately, I have my Netflix account up and running, I have been going to the movie theater and renting at Blockbuster as well.. Here are my recommendations for today:

On the Theater, I watched Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher.. loved them both!! Pretty Hilarious and awesome. With Bad Teacher, I left the theater smiling.. :) I will watch them again soon!

On Blockbuster I rented The Kids are all right and It's Kind of a Funny Story. Both stories are amazing. The Kids are allright is an awesome movie, full of true people and really awkward situations. It's Kind of a Funny Story - loved the soundtrack! 

Last, but not least.. Netflix! This will be my last month! I've been watching lots of random movies..

Flakes was one of nearsighted owl's recommendation of movies and I loved it! A musician that has his local cornflakes spot in town, I wish that existed! pretty rad! The yellow handkerchief is too depressive for my taste but I cried of happiness at the end..eeek

I hated Hall Pass.. and I'm not sure how i feel about All Good Things.. still 30 mins left I will be finishing that movie after I publish this post.. 

I am waiting for Friends with Benefits to hit the theater this Friday!! weee!

Have a great day! 


  1. I've seen Horrible Bosses, It's Kind of a Funny Story and Hall Pass recently, and like them all! I'm really starting to like Jason Sudekis (or however you spell his name lol!). And I just added the rest to my list of things to watch...Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Thanks! I was wondering about your two Blockbuster picks last time I was there. I will haveto check them out on Sunday (only $0.49!).

  3. Interesting - I've seen a few of these. The Kids... and It's Kind of... were both really good! I tried watching The Yellow Handkerchief and couldn't really get into it. Flakes looks interesting - I might have to try that one. One I found recently on Netflix is called Ten Inch Hero. I'm not exactly sure why it's rated R, but it's a super sweet, quirky, romantic story. Totally a cute movie - you'd probably love it. I did!