Saturday, July 2, 2011

July is finally here!

Hey guys!

I want you to meet my new sponsors this month! I have lots of them- I only accepted trading blog link sponsors ^^ 

check them out on the right hand side .!!!!

If anyone wants to trade, spaces are still open!

send me an email: lily.juliao (at) gmail (dot) com

I am also sponsoring Garden of Eden Designs this month, you can see the Large ad on her blog.

Plus I won a giveaway over at Campfire Chic's blog and the price was a small sponsor spot on her blog.. so you can see my blog link over there too!!! 


So Basically I am all over blog-world and I love it!! 

Some Links:

Go check out the Guest Post I wrote over at Erin's blog about Barcelona, Spain while she is away check out other guest posts from cool bloggers too!

No Mark at All July Sponsors.. I am #7  

My first Postcard Penpal Nadine got my "Welcome to Miami" Postcard!!

You still have time to win my Denim Scraps bag over at Ashley's blog!


  1. Wow! You also have postcard penpals, amazing just posted about it in my blog :) I had one postcard penpal once but she stopped writing =/ Would you like to be also postcard pals? :)

  2. Hey ! i would love it! send me an email
    lily.juliao (at) gmail . com :D

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out, friend. :)

    I loved getting your postcard... and as soon as this semester is over I might send out another one.

    Happy Sunday. XO.

  4. sent you an email :)
    I never thought about postcard penpals, that sounds awesome!