Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Put it into Music: Innocence

Today's word in Andrea's Blog was difficult to find.. I could not stop thinking of Britney's Sears "I'm not that innocent.." lol.. >.< which has nothing to do with this, in fact, the total opposite .. later on I thought of The Cure: Just like Heaven but a friend reminded me of the song I chose today. I love this band, and reminds me of school times.. I hated school, but missed those times!


panda cubs .. I love pandas so much, I wish someday I could see one in real life....


  1. hahaha, i love how much dirtier pandas always are in real life then in my head!

  2. Hi honey, saw your post on Jens blog- love your happy blog, and will be following x

  3. Eeep! Pandas! I love them so much! I have seen some at the zoo here and I want to squeeze them so bad! They are so roly poly and huggable!