Friday, July 1, 2011

Movies recently watched!

Ok, I have netflix again this month and I am watching movies like crazy!

Both movies were very tragic, and dramatic but Pay it Forward was inspirational. The little boy started the "pay it forward" deal, were you help 3 strangers and each of the 3 strangers help other 3 strangers and so on, so therefore creating a chain and everyone helping each other. The story is very sad but like I said, inspirational. 

The man in the Moon is about love and how sisters love the same guy. Very tragic story but entertaining i guess. 

Two tragic movies in 1 day, I think is too much. haha

P.S: Reese Witherspoon is so little, she is very cute! 

Since its Friday and I recently watched Pay it Forward, I want to Pay it Forward to my readers of this blog.. 

Remember this post?

Go, read it and then you'll know what to do in this post !! 

so exciting!! I will be back!


  1. I'll admit Pay It Forward had some good performances but the movie itself was too emotionally manipulative and the ending was so egregiously hyperbolic that i kept expecting them to say, "just kidding," during the final scene.

    The message is a good one but as a whole the film just felt underdeveloped.

  2. I will be paying it forward in my blog soon!!!
    Love you baby!!!

  3. So much fun!!! <3 the idea :)

  4. I LOOOVE pay it forward! Most definitely inspiring!

  5. Nice post!

  6. Pay it forward is a great movie. I've watched it a couple of times so far and it's always a source of inspiration. It really makes you want to be a better person. Although it's sad in the end, I enjoy watching it every time.

  7. Oooh I love The Man in the Moon! That movies is so beautiful and tragic and sad. I find the story and the acting to be so lovely, even though it's sad. :) Now you're making me want to watch it again!