Friday, October 1, 2010

October is here!

October is my favorite month!!!!! Many events and lots of things to do!!! YEAH

Just Because by LeeLee is sponsoring Elycia's blog this month! you can check my cute button on the side !! :) I chose this blog, because I find it really cute and awesome. I discovered Elycia's etsy page and I just loved all the little things she sells!!!

On the 17th is another Indie Bazaar event at Ft Lauderdale!!! yeei can't wait! I really like meeting people and seeing amazing artists. Just Because will have a booth and will be selling bags and little cute things! Don't miss it!! Be sure to arrive early so you can have a swag bag with lots of goodies.

Afrobeta's Halloween event on the 30th will be awesome. I gotta get the ticket soon!!!

For this Halloween I have a couple of costumes.. (I'm not buying any from party city.. or anywhere.. ) I'm gonna improvise like last time! I want to dress up as Hit Girl from Kickass I have that exact wig and I can make the mask and cape.. I want a combination of both Hit Girl and Mindy "school girl type"

And since I plan to assits couple of parties, here is another dress up: LOLITA

My 36 converse bags are almost done, Im planning to add to my etsy shop: ipod covers, coin wallets and business card holders- Angel Acevedo is dying for me to do this, sooo I will have some awesome photos by him of my product!!!! He is so awesome :) More posts to come!!! this is just the beginning, I love October!!



  1. found your blog through elycia's... and i love it...

  2. awwww you are so sweet :) i'm so happy to have you as a sponsor!

  3. its so cool to be your sponsor Elycia ! ur the sweetest! <3 <3