Friday, September 17, 2010

Apt 12 Studio Photoshoot

The photoshoot with broadcasting live tonight was a hit! The live broadcast lasted 2 hours!

It was a shoot for Apt 12 Studio ( three of my friends: Edwin Hernandez, Guillermo Piloto and Juan Carlos also knowned as John Charles - each one with their amazing talents- illustration, graphic design and multimedia are working together to create their own studio and their own clients. 

The shoot was for their website "meet the team" section.

With Angel Acevedo's photography skills the shoot was a success. I helped out a little as Angel's assistant.. haha :)

John Charles eating yummy pizza :)
Sweet Lemmon tea!! loved the can <3
my fav photographer <3
Edwin - ooops

sexy guillee

talking with my friend ANAID <3