Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Featured Designer .. :)

Just Because by LeeLee is featured in US Trendy finally!!

About the Seller
Just Because by Lee Lee- makeup bags, messenger bags, checker bags, converse bags, and colorful bags- tons of bags to choose from! An indie must have- Liliana's handmade bags are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Made for men & women every bag is versatile and one of a kind! 

I already had posted the interview a while back, but today finally the email I was waiting for arrived at my gmail <3! haha 
here is the blog post: UsTrendy Featured Designer

My friend Tarek with his cool blog featured me also!!!! ^^ He just bought my Red Converse Bag :)

Aside from that... check me out on New Times Broward Magazine Photos from the Indie Craft Bazaar... amazing time! :)


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