Monday, October 18, 2010

Indie Craft Bazaar Event

Yesterday was amazing!
The Indie Craft Bazaar was a success and I had to blogged it! :)
This event happens every month, different artists participate and this was my first time selling here!

I had so much fun, I met wonderful of new artists and visitors! I sold more than I expected and ended up super happy, and more future bazaars to participate and assist!

My booth was located at the end of the show, It was perfect because it was not crowded all the time, so people will pass by it really relaxed.

I met two dominican girls, her booth right next to me Gi and Pindo. They make awesome accessories with recycled newspaper.

Overall, had a great time and I really want my friends there next time!!!!!!! missed all of you! Thanks to my family that came to visit :)



  1. cool! t pusistes la peluca hahaha para el proximo t visito.

  2. siiiii :):) de una ! mas valeee hahaah ;)