Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Planet of the Apes

I saw the latest Planet of the Apes movie 2 days ago and I liked it very much, so I decided to watch the original, the first film from 1968.. and one word: awesomeness!!!! 

This film is so awesome that Misfits wrote a song about it ... 
Misfits is one of my favorite bands ;)

The Forbidden Zone

Some say that's where man began
On this wasted piece of land
Where evolution's yet to show
Forbidden zone

Blasting into outer space
The planet of the apes
Evolution's one hero

Crossing a plane into another dimension
A million years into the future
Crossing a path into another dimension
We, the unseen

Back on earth
It's all you'll read about
All the evidence destroyed

Maps and legends
Mark the firewalls
We, the lost abandoned saviors
Of the forbidden zone

The lyric of this song is what Planet of the Apes movie is about!! ;)

The ending is the BEST.. 


So, I will be doing a Planet of the Apes marathon.. there are 5 more movies I will be watching this week! yay! 

Plus, today I will be watching 2001 A Space odyssey.. I tried to watch this film 6 years ago and I couldn't, so boring.. but I'm giving it a try today..wish me luck!!


  1. Hello! I've just found you through the "Blogging Worldwide" project by Mary Rebecca. It's so nice to find other bloggers from the US. I've taken a little look around your blog and love your humor and artistic way with the posts :)

  2. Awesomeness! I watched the latest one as well and I totally loved it (I think I was more into this one than into Harry Potter). And I decided I wanted to watch the previous ones as well, so right now I'm downloading the Tim Burton version and during the weekend I'll watch the earliest one from the 60's. It's ape time.

  3. I love the original movies (the second one isn't that great tho)! :) The newest is awesome too.