Thursday, September 15, 2011

Handmade stuff!

Oh gosh, I've been so blog behind lately... Everyday I think of things to post about-I've been crafting A LOT and if you follow me via instagram or twitter, I post craft photos everyday ..but not enough time goes on to writing here!!! :( 

I have patternmaking class everyday from 4-8pm.. and I usually get home REALLYYYYYYY tired - and hungry! So I eat and read blogs which by the end of the day more than 60 blog posts are unread of my bloglovin page... and there goes my night.. just chillin, eating, laying in bed maybe crafting a little.. and talking to my parents and friends back home :) I miss everyone!! 

Also, I miss my blackberry - not the bb messenger, but having wi-fi on my phone.. although its kind of good in a way.. not depending on it too much, and I usually never miss it.. but yeah sometimes its useful.. 

anyway! I am alive and very happy here :) very inspired too! I love my class and I've been attending workshops - I have 2 workshops to attend this weekend! 

What I've been doing lately:

1. Hama Beads earrings!

2. Learning Amigurumi Tecnhiques!

3. Patternmaking Class

4. Friendship Bracelets

5. Painting my nails.. a lot.. hehe

Extra.. check me out as a zombie...

Happy days! ♡ 


  1. I want a friendship bracelet :) we HAVE TO Skype :)

  2. I love that you're making friendship bracelets! I've been meaning to make them now that they are back "in style". Haha.