Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I ♡ Handmade

My favorite thing about Barcelona is all the unique handmade things you find all over.. all the little corners of handmade stores I run into and dieeeee of happiness when I'm inside! so pretty!! Another thing I love is that here I can find handmade workshops everywhere- amigurumi, knitting, embroidery, punch needle, stamp carving- you name it, they have it! ^^

On the weekend I discovered a cute little store on facebook.. so my bf and I went yesterday: I Love Kutchi store.. and OHH man.. it was lovely ♡ It inspired me a lot and I went home a very happy girl with a unicorn pin and a some lovely hair pins! :)


plus I get home during my blog-time and see these very very cute tutorials that I would def try..♡

1. Wire Hanger Makeover by My Girl Thursday

2. Make your own Camera Strap by Meghan in Miss Indie blog

3. Strawberry Nails by The Dainty Squid

4. How to paint Hearts on Nails by The Pony Cats

5. Stamp Carving Tutorials by Ishtar Olivera

get inspired! 


  1. I love to crave stamps <3 I use to do it a lot in middle school and now I get why you were so happy!!! I loved the made your own cam strap <3

  2. @Miss Lou
    sii omg! estaba re happy.. bueno I'm still happy! btw, ya tengo reply button yaaay besos <3
    ps: avisame si este mensaje te llega al email o que.. pa ve si cuando contesto te llega q te conteste haha

  3. I love stamp carving.

    ♥ sécia

  4. Hi!

    Im glad you liked my tutorial(:
    Im really liking you blog, I love handmade things, to bad that here in mexico you cant find many handmade things, only at craft shows and there are not so frecuent.

    Have a lovely day(:

    Carmila Ponycat