Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #33 ♡


1. Black Milk Leggings

I just discovered this online store through Dumbo Handmade blog and I pretty much loved every piece! I also read the about section and its incredibly inspiring!!! :) I want a pair of leggings now! 

2. Mori Girls

Mori Girls aka "Forest Girls" a Japanese subculture group! Street fashion and styles; Loves nature and earth.

3. Red Velvet Collection

Congrats to Elsie!! Her new Red Velvet collection went online yesterday at 6pm and in a few minutes, she sold many pieces!! My favorite dresses on this collection are:

The Sewing Kit Dress

The First Date Dress

The Geometry Class Dress

4. Vintage Social Networks

These cute pillows <3

Loving Opened back tops..

Today Friday I'm going to a BOMBA ESTEREO concert! YEAHH
Check out this band - its a Colombian band ;) 


Have an awesome weekend!!


  1. I LOVE your selection this Friday... I never heard of the Mori girl, but I love the first picture! And Red velvet has really done a great job with their collection!

  2. Those leggings are INSANE! I think I'd be a little scared to wear those...

    Yeah, Elsie did really well! They sold out of the dress I wanted, but I couldn't have afforded it anyway. :P It's fun to watch them all sell out, though!

  3. Oh my gosh, those campbell soup leggings are so cute and funny! I seriously want everything here.... like that alpaca pillow!

  4. thank you girls! yessss Its fun seeing other people's success and yes, kinda expensive for me too! :(
    haha I need a pair of those leggings like now! I don't have money for those either. lol

  5. OMg going to check out those leggings and I lovee the vintage social networks images <3 I think they are hilarious!

  6. Loving the vintage social networks!

    ♥ sécia