Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Awesome Weekend ♡

I won a giveaway!!!

what!?!? me?!?! 

Honestly it's been a while since I won something here on the blog -world!! Yesterday I got home and found out that me and @papersparrow won a $20 dollars gift certificate from @wildolive .. a-m-a-z-i-n-g !!! It was just what I needed, this weekend I had 2 embroidery workshops so now I know the basic embroidery stitches I can use wildolive's patterns to create cute stuff! yay :) 


Mollie's blog is super cute, you should go and check it out! :)

Friday and Saturday

The two workshops were at Cosmos, a coffee place and an Art gallery and were sponsored by Dudua! I was so excited to assist one of their classes since I got here to Barcelona, but all August was closed, so I waited for them to re-open on Sept.. and I got to assist to 2 awesome workshops!!

Workshop #1: Embroidered Typography

Ok, First off, I was super excited to meet Eva, our teacher. I have been following her blog and her cute little shop for a while now, and I love her style!!

Wrote : "Love is all we need" and started to add stitches!! 
Im not finished yet.. but when I do.. I will post it up! :)

Here is a post from that day from Monica :) Ps: the first photo we are all facing back and into embroidery.. can you spot me?! haha :)

Workshop #2: The Magic Needle (Punch Needle)

A very interesting technique; only 3 stitches and you can create the most amazing things!!

check out these posts:

Aguja Magica 1

Aguja Magica 2

I will post both proyects when I finish them!!!!

Thanks to Dudua, Eva and Laura ♡


  1. Congrats on winning that giveaway. I read it on twitter and I was so happy for you!! :) Everyone needs to win some little giveaway from time to time, not?

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. Seriously, I can't wait to see your hoop when it's ready!

    Here's to a happy Sunday. Talk to you soon, friend.

  2. Congrats on the give away! I cant wait to see what you get with it and to see the finished project from the workshop! It all sounds like so much fun!

    A Sweet Release

  3. Cuteness.

    ♥ sécia

  4. woo typografia bordada kiero kiero tienes k hacer muchaaaa <3 congrats on the giveaway thingy

  5. Congrats on the giveaway! these patterns are so cute!!
    menudo fin de semana movidito Liliana!! jeje ahora sólo tienes que ponerte manos a la obra y bordar sin parar ;)
    gracias por los cumplidos, fue muy bonito tenerte allí.
    feliz semana!