Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music on Wednesday: Coconut Records

Today I wanted to listen to new bands- bands that I've heard that existed but never really paid attention to, or just heard one song... my first band for today is Coconut Records ever since I watched that movie... Funny People.. (I really laughed so hard at the theater..) I discovered this band and loved "Microphone" :) 

BUT! that's the only song I've ever listen to.. so today I added all their cds  with grooveshark (I did my research and he has 2 : Nighttiming  and Davy) and started listening to it all morning (couple of times on repeat both cds..) !!

Songs I recommend..

It's Not You.. It's Me


Maybe if you are interested, listen to them all! Jason Schwartzman (the singer) was the one that made me literally LOL at the movie! He's awesomeeee!

What do you think? ;)

P.S: I want this week to be oveeeeer! weekend please!



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