Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #2

1. Morning Coffee ♡

I can't go through mornings at work without my morning coffee! Coffee from Starbucks (if I wake up earlier than usual) I stop at the Starbucks near my home and get a tall cappuccino or a regular tall caffè latte .. if not, which is usually the case, at work there is always black coffee waiting for me when I clock in! :)

2. Grooveshark

 Grooveshark logo.png

This is what I listen at work!!! My username is LeeLee04

3. Tegan and Sara

I've been obsessed with these girls since I saw them live at Bayfront Park in Miami, FL .. I even wrote a post on them, check it out! Their music inspires me !! I listen to them everyday I have all their cd's (thanks to Kiki hahaha) :)

4. Blythe Dolls

The first time I saw these dolls was about a year ago, when I was in Barcelona- they are everywhere over there- every  local unique shop sells t-shirts, accessories.. etc.. My favorite place to see them is in La Boutique de Lupi.. they are hand crafted by Isidora Morales, she makes their clothes and accessories plus each doll is uniquely made -hair, makeup, names!! sooo adorable! She has workshops in Barcelona too! I wish I could go back there! >.<

*Pictures taken from :

5. Winona Ryder's Hair

Winona Ryder has been my favorite actress ever since I discover "Reality Bites" movie.. omg. favorite movie ever! After that, I saw "Girl, Interrupted" which I love also... I think I've seen all her movies! She is such a muse! Her hair is amazing... check out these pics.. 

Songs from the movies:

Lisa Loeb: Stay

The Knack: My Sharona

Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll 

Petunia Clark : Downtown

Happy Friday Everyone!!!! 

P.S: I love to know what you think!!!! ^^




  1. Lili, de donde sacaste el dato de Downtown de Petula Clark ?? Nada menos que de mi epoca, es Fabulosa!!!

  2. Hi there - Lisa Loeb/Stay and The Knack/My Sharona, what awesome tunes!!!
    Thanks for following my blog, how did you find it out of interest?
    Also; your blog header is gorgeous!! Love it