Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I never wanna act my age...

What's my Age Again?!

This morning I wanted to listen to Blink - 182.. brings me back memories !!! :)
My fav cd is the Mark, Tom and Travis Show! :D really funny!
I got the chance to go to a Blink 182 concert in West Palm Beach, Fl on 2009!! awesome show! ^^

Im making more bunny pins for my next two shows over the weekend!!! On Saturday Everything is Alive and on Sunday at Bayside Market Place in Downtown, Miami. I think I need a Just Because sweatshop >.<... hahaha jk! Working full time and doing my designs on the side is pretty exhausting! I have until Saturday to make at least 10 pins of each animal design! I have a: bunny, panda, racoon, owl, monkey and a cat! I will show them while Im making them!--- gotta get back to work! :)



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