Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday I'm in Love #1

1. Beach House

OMG this pic is so sweeeeet just like the band ! I've been listening to a lot of beach house lately..and I absolutely adore them.. sweet music to my makes me fall in love!

2. The Kills
The Kills are playing on April 29th in New York City !! I'm planning to go with my best friend - it would be a gift from me to me for my BDAY! :):) I've been working so hard that I really need to get me a weekend away to NYC and to see them life... omg.. I'm gonna be the happiest person evaaaah! ;) It's still a plan.. hope it happens ^^

3. Chance Tiles

Luru's Chance Tiles are aweeeesome!!! I collect everything K and Q...  I sent the K to my bf for valentine's day... Now I wanna get the Q one for meeeeeeee :):)

4.  Roxy Music Prints

I love this print from Roxy Music... looks like meee, my bf and my future cats ! hahahaah on a typical sunday morning! xD

5. My new little friend!

I met her outside my building a week ago, since then, she's been there, the security feeds her, gives her water  and takes care of her.. I visit her every day after work. She never lets you touch her tho'.. :( but its fun to play with! I want a cat of my own >.<.....

anyway! tha'ts it folks!

Thanks for reading.. see ya next friday !!



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