Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picnic Day

Miami's weather is very tricky.. one moment it can rain like if there's no tomorrow.. and all of a sudden it stops and everything is bright with a big beautiful rainbow in the sky. So when planning picnics and stuff out doors - you gotta be careful!

Last week My friends and I decided to make a picnic! It was very challenging because we started out in Publix and 3 hours later we were at the Park. We took so long deciding that we were almost going to cancel.. lol.

The weather was very dark and huge clouds were coming our way, but overall.. it was pretty fun. :]

p.s.. valentina we missed you!


  1. Lee Lee me encantan sus bolsos!!!!!
    Definitivamente eres un artista de coser.
    Pero te tengo una pregunta....

    Quien es son los dos MARICONES que invitaste al picnic??????

    Y Quien es su sexy y bonita amiga de pelo rojo????

  2. hahahha!! gracias ! XD
    no son maricones!!!! >.< hahaha y mi amiga sexy vive en miami y no tiene novio! :D