Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lately and New Projects

Im working right now on making 16 converse bags big and 16 mini bags!!
I have made mini deadlines so I could finish faster.

When I finish those converse bags, I want a shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also doing freelance with a business -fashion woman, she wants to make a beach/yoga bag. Im designing it, let's see how it goes :)

Since TODAY I'm gonna stop drinking coke :'( But it is done. finito.

I have no car, I crashed it a week ago.. Its really hard not having a car here specially where I live.. but hey, the bright side is that I have lots of things to do!! and wonderfull friends that come by and visit me or take me around! yeii

That's it ! Im gonna keep doing my work at home while watching some netflix movie



1 comment:

  1. omigod , i need converse bags soooo badly but i dont want just a logo i want kindof like a shoe with it , you know .
    Can you Buy them off you . or what ?
    Sorry im new to the site just came on and saw that colourful pic .