Friday, September 27, 2013

My Toy and Vintage Cameras

I shared my Camera collection awhile back. I added three new pieces since I wrote that post. Above, you can see the Kodak Instamatic Camera next to the Holga. I bought it at an Indie Craft Bazaar last year. It came with box and film.

The polaroid in the middle is a new buy also. The flash is different from the rest and it actually works! So far, two of my polaroid works with film, yay!

I also have the white rainbow polaroid, this camera was on my list for a long time!! I got it from etsy :)

This cute little one I got it from Urban Outfitters online. It is actually a webcam. 

 I still don't know which Diana F camera to get; mini, medium or the one with flash. Any help?

 New cameras are on my way!!! yay!

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