Sunday, November 20, 2011

Knitting & Crochet Projects so far.. ♡ pt 2

I love cowls!!! They are shorter and faster to make, plus they look awesome. 

This one was my first try to do the single crochet stitch! I did a tutorial on how to make a cozy iphone case with the same yarn and then I started making this :)

This one is the same Single Crochet stitch but with a hook size 12mm and 3 different types of thin yarns.. The actual piece looks awesome, very thick and cozy plus it took me 2 hours - with the big crochet hook is faster!

This knitted cowl was made with 100% wool, so its very soft and nice..The pattern is called Basket Weave, and I did it 8x8 so- pattern is 8 knit, 8 purl and repeat multiples of 8 and when you turn, every time you see knit, you knit, when you see purl you purl!

This last one I made it with a 19mm crochet hook so it has holes all around. I love the uneveness of it! ^^ I combined single crochet and double crochet!! 

I wore this one yesterday although Miami's weather is still not cold as it will normally be this time of year- :( 

Happy Sunday! 

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  1. luving your projects babe! tenemos k hablar del proyecto!