Saturday, November 19, 2011

Knitting & Crochet Projects so far.. ♡ pt 1

Since I made my first scarf, I can't stop! :)

I've been learning and making new things.. (also teaching.. to my friends ;)) I'm a great teacher btw!!!!! haha 

Here is my process so far..

This was my first scarf ever! I will always be so proud of this one ! 

The Knit Stitch is the basic Knitting stitch - the easiest one too! If you want to learn, start with this stitch and practice a lot! It's really hard at first. 

In Spain they call it " El punto Bobo" translation: "The dumb stitch"! I find this very funny. 

Here is my favorite tutorial (its in spanish, but don't freak out, by only watching you will get it)

I wrote a post about pencils, and found a a couple of pencil scarves and I needed to make one! 

This one was made without pattern! I started doing it by myself after a friend's aunt taught me to make crochet triangles. yay! I used the Single Crochet Stitch all the way, changed colors as I needed. I got carried away and closed it because I wanted to wear it.. and I think It would had been better if I've done it longer!!!! but oh well, I love this one, is very fun! I'm also thinking of making colored pencil ones! ^^

My favorite Single Crochet tutorial if you want to try this one out!

This one is by far my best scarf ever! :) It is a surprise for December.. so I won't say it now... so Its not mine :( I am doing another one for me tho'! It is the softest yarn ever and I made some fringes on each side.

I made this Rib stitch by Knit 2 and Purl 2 all the way. 

You can see a tutorial here

That's it for now! This post took too much time than I thought and I am going out with my friends!

Have a great Saturday night! 

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