Tuesday, November 22, 2011

December is ALMOST here/ Calling for Sponsors!

I'm so busy lately with work and freelance!! I am leaving to Colombia THIS Saturday and I am really stressed out! I have soooo much things to do- I need to finish my freelance job (Design Flats), get some magazine pages done, PACK for 2 whole months and leave my merchandise for the event I will be missing out on the 17th of December!! (I'm so sad) It will be the first time that I can't assist to a place I will be vending :( It will be an awesome show and I am going to MISS IT 

 "We have gathered exclusive Designers from USA and Latin America, most of the Vendors showing are very eclusive and they are showing for the first time in the USA .....We will have Fashion Shows , Free Seminars and a Student Competition from The Famous School Miami International University of Art & Design!!!! Get your ticket today at www.miafc.eventbrite.com or call us 786.370.7909 if you would like to get your ticket in person!!!!" 

I am really going to miss Miami again, but I know that when I am home I am happy! I have a beautiful house in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia that I really miss, It's been a year since I'm home so, Its going to be awesome when I'm there.

I have lots of things planned for December!! I will be sewing,crafting and making new things with lots of free time over there. I am def. taking my sewing machine and my serger machine ( I can't live without them). 

I have been contacting other blogs for sponsor in December- I am offering AD TRADES my button size is 185x100! Email me if you are interested It will be awesome to have new faces on my blog. 

With that said, I leave you with this awesome song ;)

and back to work !

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