Sunday, October 2, 2011

OCTOBER is here!!!!


Oh my! Time flew by.. I am still in Barcelona, and I have my ticket for the 20th.. :(:(:( I really.. really .. really.. DON'T want to go :( I'm kinda considering staying one more month- but nothing is planned yet.. I have no clue what to do I just want to stay longer. 

Off course, I miss Miami, my family and friends but.. I'm loving it here! My patternmaking class is awesome, I have discovered a couple of workshops that I would love to participate and I kinda have to miss class to assist.. so If I stay longer I can assist those workshops and skip class but with the chance to go to class another day!! The thing is my class lasts month and a half so strictly to finish class and leave on the 20th.. see..?? 

Another reason I would love to stay is the fact that I'm everyday in class so I don't get a chance to walk, relax, go to museums or libraries, everything has to be in the morning pretty fast, because at night I get home at 8:30 and I'm dead!!! so so tired, I just want to eat, relax and maybe practice crocheting.. 

There's another reason - HALLOWEEN IN BARCELONA 
I love Halloween, I love to get dressed up and it would be cool to be here and see how it is here. 

also.. I love my boyfriend :) and I will be very sad If I go and leave him here :(

So many other reasons *sigh.. 

I would like to say that my mom is pretty supportive and I love her for that (I know she's reading it, because she's like my number one fan hehe) <3 I miss her and I want her to understand that I have NO CLUE what to do but eventually I will, so I want her not to worry about a thing.. because every thing is going to be all right.. *bob marley song. yeah :)

Well, a few changes on my blog! New sponsors on the left side of my blog!! check them out, they are all so lovely! 

*Please keep in note that I trade ads for sponsorship, If you don't have me on your blog, I will erase you from mine (no harsh feelings) It's ok! :)

Also, I wanted to reply your comments, but I hated that when I replied on the basic blogger comments, it automatically added a new comment.. so I asked my little friend Miss Lou <3 how she had her cool comment replies and she gave me her secret and I CHANGED IT and I LOVED IT.. but.. 


It made me sad because I know how tedious making a comment is, how everyone puts effort in writing on my blog, and I love you for that, that's why I wanted to reply all of you, but this happened.. I still see my 700+ comments I had on my comments section, but they will NOT be published on the new comment thingy.. 

On another note, I have one of my closest friends from Miami here with us! We are happy to have her here .. I've been showing her around!! it's pretty fun :)

at Parc Guell 

Have a happy month!