Friday, October 28, 2011

Make an Ipod crochet cozy!

So, many of you know, Dana is doing her crochet class on her blog! I love it! I've been learning a lot!!! and last week I started doing my first swatch with crochet not on the round but straight - and I ended up doing an ipod cozy!!!! I needed something to protect my ipod and this was perfect!


1. crochet hook (5mm)
2. a pretty color yarn
3. paper scissors
4. a small crochet hook or a yarn needle
4. a pretty little colored button
5. pieces of another color yarn

1. Start by making a chain of 21 stitches and do single crochet until you reach the height of the gadget! 

Here is Dana's video how to ;)

The Single Crochet Stitch - Right Handed Version from Craftyminx on Vimeo.

2. When you think you're done just cut the yarn and make a little knot! 

3. Fold the piece in half and start sewing it on the 2 corners - I did it like a shoe lace..

4. Add a cute little button in the front with a regular needle and thread and sew the back the little piece of yarn and you're done!

Crochet and Knitting are VERY addictive, beware! Hope you like it! ;)

Have an awesome weekend!!!