Sunday, October 9, 2011

My First Knitted Scarf!

I didn't think Knitting would become so addictive! I learned to knit last year while watching youtube tutorials- so I learned to cast on, the basic knit stitch and then to cast off.. I practiced a lot, I even practiced with plastic bags as my yarn.. cool stuff.. 

The problem was I stopped because my little finger started hurting.. A LOT.

I don't know why, does this happen to knitters??? 

Anyway, last week I took knitting back and I have to say, worth it! Love everything even though I only know a basic stitch, because the Purl Stitch is really hard for me right now.. I made my first scarf- I love the yarn, the colors, the texture everything! yay! I'm very proud! It took me a week, every night I knitted urging for the yarn to finish!! haha 

here very own handmade knitted scarf!

My little finger on my right hand still hurts, but I'm trying to control it.. 

This Saturday I have a knitting workshop in which I will learn basic stitches and improve my techniques! 

Knit on!!!