Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Converse Bag Photoshoot by Cesar Jimenez

Last year (not so long ago), my friend Cesar Jimenez from Cartagena took few photos of my bags I took to finish them off (straps are still missing). 

Loved the result, we used my vintage radio and sewing machine I have in my house for decoration and off course in my beautiful home ;)! 

I have many bags ready to be sold, but I'm still in Colombia. I can't ship from here (I can, but its too expensive..). I am still debating on whether to open up my Etsy store again or to open my own store here on my blog via paypal. 

*If you want to buy a bag from me, email me so I can send you the invoice! 

All Converse bags are handmade with love by me! ;) I have two sizes, 11x11 and 8x8 

For prices and more info email me:  lily.juliao (at) gmail (dot) com !