Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday I'm in Love #41 ♡

So... I'm in Miami now, I really missed this city! :) I have to catch up on my blogging, because there's so much I need to post and share over here. 

It was very nice coming home and getting lots of pen-pal letters, swaps, gifts from other bloggers. 

Valentine's day is coming soon, and I'm very excited about it!!! I was at Walmart yesterday, and the valentine's section there is amazing.. I don't bake, but I wanted to buy EVERYTHING from cookie cutters -baking pans, everything heart shaped !!!! makes me happy! 

Anyway, my boyfriend is far far away from here, but that doesn't mean he's far away from my heart!!! :D I got a valentine's gift from him yesterday! It was a very nice surprise! 

I will celebrate valentine's day with my friends, it would be awesome, just like last year! :)

How cute are these granny square cookies?!?!

This weekend I'm gonna see The Kills  and Death Becomes One!

On Sunday, there is a Vegan Waffle Party at Sweat Records!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!