Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Love


This year I worked on my second production for Nickelodeon - wardrobe department-  for a new series coming up soon * very excited to see the results. It lasted 5 months, from January to end of May. 

I've been posting up pics and memories from memorial weeknd, that was when I got my mini vacations and I went on a road trip with my boyfriend. I had been working a lot so I really deserve that! 

Later I got a job with a fashion designer for 2 whole weeks sewing and learning. It was a great experience, but I got another job offer with another channel ; Venevision for a short series with some friends and I took it. I am still here working in this production 3 whole weeks left and really anxious for this to go a little faster!! 

I only have sundays off, so I try to relax, sleep and organize myself at home :)

Can't wait for my next vacations!! 

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  1. Summer here was crying and crying.......oh you're talking about the season not my