Monday, January 7, 2013

NYE in NYC!!!!

My boyfriend invited me a weekend over to NYC, he was going to be there for work, so he took me with him!! It was the coolest experience ever! 

A super fancy stay at the Marriott Hotel in Times Square and with a pass to go in and out Times Square.

We saw the ball drop in a roof top next to Univision channel, CNN news and so on!!

It was very cold, so I could stay warm inside anytime!

This photo is for Zayda!!! She is living in Seoul and it was very special seeing this clip from Samsung! 

Plus, one of my New Year Resolution goals was go to Times Square and spend NYE .. I can't believe it happened and It wasn't even planned!!!!


  1. How exciting! I've always wanted to experience NYE at Times Square! Love the photos!-Jessica L