Sunday, May 20, 2012

Every camera has a story ♡

So far, this is it... my collection of precious cameras. I am still missing 1 Polaroid land camera I bought in Barcelona last year, I left clothes, and stuff that I couldn't fit in my luggage :(.. but oh well. 

My first Polaroid Camera I bought it in Ebay - 2007 (It still works, it is the black polaroid land camera 600 film). The other Polaroid, the Pink one "Cool Cam" I bought it at a thrift store in Flamingo (Hialeah, FL) Red White and Blue Thrift Stores

The Fisheye 2 in Pink was from my friend Sebas, he bought it for me last b-day 

I bought the pinhole camera in NY trip with my friends last year! (part 1, part 2, part 3) at the Moma's Gift Shop and I put it together on my last year's b-day

My last two cameras were for my b-day : Holga and Instax mini 

I still want more cameras, of course! who doesn't ??
I want the Diana F  and the Kitty Cam...
someday my friends, someday! ;)