Thursday, February 23, 2012

V-day Swap with Zayda!

My friend Zayda and I did a little swap for Valentine's day!
well, actually we were gonna send each other stuff anyway :P

So, on this gift exchange via postal office, I received:

1. Knitting Pattern Calendar 2012
2. An awesomely cute card
3. Candy!
4. Cupcake earrings
5. Flower headband
6. Pencils and heart goody bag!
7. Owl t-shirt 

Here are some photos she sent me the day she received my gift

I made her the cupcake scarf from Twinkie Chan's pattern book
gave her a blank vinyl cd from Urban Outfitters
A card
and bunch of goodies I knew she loved :)

I want another swap.. soon!