Saturday, December 31, 2011

Important Events on 2011 ♡

On April I wrote my one and only Caturday Post - Dedicated to her ♡

On May 5th was my 25th B-day! I Had a Blog Party plus a really awesome B-day with a Rainbow Cake!! :) I also went to NYC with 2 friends to see The Kills concert at Terminal 2! part1, part2, part3

On August through October I was in Barcelona! I had a Pattern Making class, and assisted to various of handmade workshops. I learned crochet techniques and improved my knitting skills. I had a great time :)

November to December In Cartagena, Colombia. It's really weird to be back home again after a year, but its actually very relaxing. It's not easy getting used to the heat up here, but as long as there's water, I shower 3 times a day on a typical warm day.

I will be back in Miami on January 23rd ! I can't wait! ;)